120 Film Processing
Part of the "Old School Photo Lab" which specializes in the processing of 120, (medium format), film.

A Better Bouce Card
Yeah, we like our Gary Fong flash diffusers, but here is a guy that likes to do things the cheap and simple way. It likely works well, but who wants the look of an index card rubber banded to a $400 flash and multi thousand dollar camera. Still... interesting to watch.

Along with B-H, Adorama is a reliable, honest photographic dealer in the New York area.

Adorama TV
Along with being a great place to order equipment, Adorama Camera out of New York provides some terrific videos on many aspects of photography. Very well presented, fun and easy to watch. Even an "old pro" will pick up new things here!

Alien Bees
Greetings Earthlings! Welcome some Aliens into your life with some of the best studio lighting available.

Alternative Photography
Bored with the same old prints? Check this site out for some seriously "alternative" printing processes.

Antique Cameras
There is nothing quite like the beauty and amazing craftsmanship and engineering of antique cameras. Have a look!

Artist of Life
Kelly O'Neill is a true artist. If you want a painting of your photograph, she is the person to contact. There are plenty of services that will make you a faux "painting" of your photo with Corel Painter or by applying random "brush strokes" to your photo. Ms. O'Neill creates a TRUE oil painting based on your photo. Not cheap, but true artistry never is, or should be.

B-H Photo
THE place to order photography equipment and supplies. Beware of all the crook and scam artists in the New York area. B-H is beyond reproach as to service, price, and selection.

B/W transparencies
It IS possible to have transparent positives from black and white film! This is done with the dr5 process. Ilford HP5 400 film shot at ISO 1000 is an excellent choice for this.

Bandwidth Calculator
Going nuts trying to figure out the file size of a photo? How many MB is that huge KB number? Here is the site that takes care of it all.

Better Photo
A huge site for learning and photo sharing. Also a great place to get your own domain name and website. (You're on a Better Photo site now)!

Business and Legal FAQ
Questions about legal aspects and model releases are always a source of concern. Here is a site that clears up the mud, ... to an extent. As stated on the site, the answer to many legal questions is, "It depends"!

Camera Obscura
Not sure what "camera obscura" means? Check this out and be fascinated!

Camera Simulator
This site is excellent for learning about how aperture and shutter speed affect your exposure and look of your photo. Spend time here and you will get a real education about what mystifies many new photographers.

Canon Flash Photography
Everything you ever wanted to know about using flash with your Canon!

Central Crafts
Ok... here is one of my "secret" vendors. Central Crafts has the most unusual albums in existence. Hand made from bark in various colors with matching boxes. Located in the UK, shipping is fast and inexpensive. You will not see these albums around every corner.

Certificate no. 000358
Robert Knoth's dark documentation of the human consequences of nuclear testing and accidents in the former Soviet Union. Photojournalism at it's most powerful and moving.

Like motorcycle trips? How about one through the desolate and dangerous remains of the Russian Chernobyl nuclear accident. Absolutely astonishing.

Discussion and examples of the importance of composition in photography.

Craig Camera
Old, hard to find camera manuals. If you can't find it here, it probably can't be had!

Digital Image Transfer
Here is a tutorial about making transfers of digital photographs. Quite interesting and unique!

DOF Master
An online depth of field calculator. Make sense of what those aperture numbers REALLY do.

DR5 Chrome B/W
The DR5 lab / process is the only remaining lab which creates positive transparencies (chromes) from most all black and white negative film (except C41 process).

Drone Aerial Photography
A totally new concept of the 21st century, here is an outstanding site that covers what you need to know about this modern form of photography.

E Motion Media
Want a truly professional qualtiy DVD slideshow made from your photos? Forget trying to do it yourself. Amazing shows at very reasonable prices. Great to present to wedding couples.

E Photo Pros
A relatively new site with loads of forums, video tutorials and informative articles.

An excellent, in-depth study of exposure by Fred Parker Photography. "The Ultimate Exposure Computer" is sure to increase your exposure skills.

The Houston, Texas biennial portfolio review program for photographic artists worldwide.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies
Dedicated to the more obscure and hard to find supplies for the film photograhy world, with special emphasis on Holga.

Gigapan Systems
So you think your MEGA pixel camera has high resolution? Not even close! Try creating photos with GIGA pixels! The Gigapan system creates astonishing gigapixel panoramas.

Ilford Lab
Black and white film processing and prints directly from the Ilford Lab. Service available only in the UK and throughout Europe.

Image Rights
Stolen photographs? Use of your photos without permission? Check out this site.

Infrared Photography
If you are considering getting into infrared photography... spend some time on this site! Great information.

Jonathan Penney Master Printmaker
There are prints from digital files, and then there are Jonathan Penney prints. Absolutely stunning work. I have had some prints made by this gentleman on watercolor paper with hand deckled edges, and they are worth the cost. When you want a print that is a piece of tangible art, then here is the place to get it.

Used photo equipment bought and sold. I have purchased many items from here and have always been totally satisfied. In most cases, the equipment is in far better condition than described on the site.

Lens Align and Spyder Lens Cal
A review of these two lens calibration tools. Lenses, no matter the brand or cost, will not always focus precisely where they are supposed to. These tools allow you to see if your lens is actually focusing correctly or not. Not all cameras allow you to fine tune where the lens focuses, but if your camera does, you might want to investigate these tools.

Lens Angle of View
The site is specific to Canon lenses, but the focal ranges are applicable to ANY lens. A great visual depiction of the angle of views of various focal lengths.

Lens Buying Guide
A good guide to the basics of lenses, especially for those new to photography.

Lens Mount Guide
What fits what!

Lens Rentals
Need a special lens for a one time purpose, or just want to try it out before buying one? Here is the place.

Liability Insurance
When doing photograhic work for clients, yea, you need this.

Logo Design
A great pro logo at reasonable cost.

LOW cost photo printing
Arts Cow is hands down the lowest cost for digital prints on the net. Quality is good, though not a replacement for a top lab such as M Pix. Great for printing all those snapshots though. Located in China, you need to allow about 3 weeks to get the prints back, but worth it for the LOW prices.

M Pix
One of the best online photo labs for digital prints. Great quality, fast service, secure packing.

Marketing Photography
The bitter truth is that just taking good photos is a tiny part of being a successful photographer. MARKETING is a major key. I have many of this man's CDs and he definitely knows what he is talking about.

New York Institute of Photography
Long time established and recognized as one of the best places in the world to learn photography.

North Coast Photographic Services
Another excellent film processing lab.

Old School Photo Lab
As the name implies, an "old school" style film processing lab that takes personal, hands on care of your film processing needs.

Old Timer Camera Manuals
Camera instruction manuals, test reports, and repair manuals.

Open Colleges
Online photography courses and training. If you are tired of trying to learn photography from YouTube or websites, (that often contain poor information), here are some properly structured courses to take your skill level where you want it to be.

P Base photo hosting
A good photo hosting site to display your work.

Perfection Distributing
Distributor for pro albums. Great prices on the same albums used by the pro studios.

Photo Books Online
Manuals and hard to find camera guides.

Photo Friday
Each week a new topic to jog your photographic senses.

Photo Lab Tips
Some tips to help when working with film and the lab, primarily for those new to using film.

Photo Net
The best, most intelligent photography forums on the net. Spend time here and you WILL learn something!

Photo Portfolio Review (First Light)
Photography portfolio reviews by First Light. Various pricing structures depending on amount of photos submitted.

Photographers Legal Forms
Various legal forms that any photographer should be using.

Photography Course
Training by the best, Jeff Roush. On line photography course.

Photography History
For everyone who wants to understand how all this got started! Enjoyable and informative site tracing photography's roots.

Portrait Lighting Examples
A great site with real views of various methods of portrait lighting setups with one, two, three, and four lights.

Post My Image
A VERY handy site for posting just one photo that you need to send or share with someone. No sign up, or gallery creation, or any other nonsense, just upload any photo you need to "get out there".

Printer Friendly
Enter a URL at this site and it will create a printer friendly document from a webpage. Saves lots of paper and ink and will typically also provide a far more usable and pleasing looking document.

Professional Camera Repair
Your camera feeling a little under the weather? Check these guys out!

ReTouch Up
So you have that great portrait that needs just a little help here and there? Not real good with Photoshop facial retouching? Here is the place to go!

Ries Tripods
Art can be found anywhere... even in a tripod!

Ring Flash Adaptor
You want a ring flash but not the high price? Here is an alternative.

Rounded Photo Corners
If you like the vintage look of rounded corners on photos, here is a site to do it for you fast and easy.

Russia in Color
These are not just photos of Russia, but photos taken between 1909 and 1912 in COLOR! Read the brief description of the ingenious method Sergei Gorskii used, and then view these stunning photos.

Scan Cafe
Do you have boxes of old film negatives or slides you would like on CDs? Here is the place to get it done. Low price and great quality. I have used them so I know from experience of the service.

Sensor Cleaning
It is not black magic to clean the sensor in a digital SLR. Just reasonable care and you too can have that clean, fresh sensor feeling!

SIMPLE on location lighting
We all like our fancy softboxes and diffusers and umbrellas, but don't overlook how effective just keeping it simple can be with outdoor lighting.

Simply Canvas
THE leader in canvas printing. I know from personal experience.

Singh-Ray filters
There are lens filters... and then there is Singh-Ray. Check out the Tony Sweet "soft ray".

Spot Metering
What you need to know about spot metering... and WHY you need to KNOW it!

Strobe Trigger Voltages
Thinking about using that old flash on your new digital camera? You might should think twice about it. Here is a list of trigger voltages of many flashes old and new. Be careful and do not use a flash over about 6 volts of trigger voltage or you can fry a digital camera.

The Basics
Just what it says, ... the basics. Very easy to understand explanations of the "exposure triangle" of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and then how they all work together.

The Darkroom
My favorite film processing lab. You get a lot for your money here. Highly recommended!

The Evolution Of Photography
Some basic background on photography from the beginning to the current digital age.

Toy Camera
For those interested in the "toy" cameras such as the Holga and Diana.

Viewing Angle Gauge
This is primarily for laptop computer users, though could be useful for any monitor. I have this on my Apple laptop. It is one of those things that once you have it, you cannot imagine being without it.

Without Lenses
A site devoted to articles and information about pinhole photography, one of my favorite forms of photography!

Zero Image
Beautiful hand made pin hole cameras from Hong Kong. I use the 6 x 9 camera.